Committed to pursuing the depth and philosophy of shui mo (“water-ink”), Galerie Ora-Ora has been dedicated to the development of ink since the very beginning. Riding on the undeniable trend of contemporary ink, auction records have reached new heights each season, creating great recognition and success for many artists. While the current contemporary ink market has been dominated by the work of masters and contemporaries, a period of ink featuring artists born subsequent to the Second World War have been notably under-discovered. Launching a new series “Rediscovering Shui Mo”, Galerie Ora-Ora is excited to present a compilation of exhibitions featuring this intermediate generation of ink artists. Consequent to early ink masters like Lui Shou-kwan, these “hidden gems” play a fundamental role to the development and history of shui mo. Ora-Ora will inaugurate this series with the paintings of local Hong Kong artist Nina Pryde. Titled “Determination”, this exhibition seeks to bring the ancient culture of shan shui (“landscape”) painting to contemporary light.\r\n\r\nDSCF0353\r\n\r\nDSCF0461