Nina Pryde exhibits 4 paintings at Liang Yi Museum.  The exhibition was presented by Herietta Tsui-Leung of Asia Ink Research, in cooperation with Galerie Ora Ora and other sponsors as part of the inaugural Hong Kong Cultural Festival.  The exhibition was opened on 7 Oct 2015 by Florence HUI Hiu-fai, Under Secretary for Home Affairs, HKSAR Government.\r\n\r\nTitle of works: Night Heat 夜色, High Noon 日觀, Dusk 傍晚, Pastoral 鄉間\r\n\r\n12045676_10153512549275168_4824986291761952280_o 12087170_10153512548270168_6004392893379750770_o 12080119_10153512548765168_6350835309276965217_o 12087790_1138231092858518_3377657504711806014_o\r\n\r\nReport in newspaper.IMG_5473\r\n\r\nDemonstration of Chinese ink painting by Nina Pryde.L1090086\r\n\r\nL1090077 2015_High_Noon_日觀_pre 2015_Gathering Dusk_傍晚_pre 2015_Pastoral_鄉間_pre